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The Karma Cola Foundation does many things to support cola farmers and their families in Sierra Leone. One of those things is putting 60 girls through school.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a young girl in Sierra Leone. Firstly, because your parents are likely to be earning less than $2 a day, you might not have any shoes. And, if you have brothers, they'll probably go to school instead of you.

If you’re the one in your group of four friends who’s made it through primary school you still have a 44% chance of being married off before you turn 18. That’s if you haven’t already gotten pregnant or had to work to feed yourself and your family. And if you’ve made it this far, there’s still only one chance in six that you’ll go to high school.

It’s not easy getting an education in West Africa, especially if you’re a girl.

But, if your Mum was educated it’s twice as likely that you will be. And for every year you spend at school your income will increase by up to 25%. And if you have a family you’ll invest 90% of your income in their future.

Educating girls changes the world.

That’s why we’re helping girls go to school in the eight villages in the Tiwai Community supported by Karma Cola. So far the Karma Cola Foundation has sent 60 young girls to school. Every time you sell a bottle of Karma Cola you help send more. Like the song goes, each one teach one.

There’s plenty more the Karma Cola Foundation can do with your help. So please keep buying and drinking Karma Cola and give these girls a chance.

What goes around comes around.

Every bottle of Karma Cola does what it says on the label by giving money back to the people in Sierra Leone who grow the cola inside. 

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