Good. To Go.

It’s about time we stopped playing hard to get. Now you can take the best-looking drinks in town home.

Karma Cola, Gingerella and Lemmy, are now available to go. 

“Since we started selling our drinks in good places to eat and drink around town, people have been telling us they wanted a stash for home,” says All Good’s co-founder Simon Coley. 

Whether you like a soft drink because you’re a sober driver or you mix it up with your favourite spirit, Karma Cola will quench your thirst and boost your cred.

“If two-thirds of your rum and cola is cola you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. The same applies to your ginger mule or vodka and lemonade,” he says.

Now there is four times the goodness too. As well as the fair price paid to farmers, proceeds from the sale of every bottle of Karma Cola sold go back to the people of Boma Village in Sierra Leone who grow the cola nut. 

“We’ve already helped to fund a bridge, rice processing plant and are sending 45 young children to school,” says Simon. 

Part of that funding has also been directed to help the Ebola relief effort in the communities around Boma affected by the crisis, supporting medical supplies and a sensitisation programme. 

So they really are. Good. To Go
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