Karma Luscious Spider, Long Island Ice Tea, Karma Libre

Karma Luscious Spider, Long Island Ice Tea, Karma Libre

Karma Cola cocktails part 1

A few of our mixologist friends have whipped up some cocktails featuring our own Karma Cola, which we included in the Karma Cola zine. Have a read of it by clicking the link below.

Karma Luscious Spider

This cocktail sans alcohol comes from Queensland's pioneering organic foodies Deborah Wray and Gary Davis of Wray Organics. They're big fans of Karma Cola and they've taken the good things in our drink to the next level in their dairy-free, coconut-based spider. AU local, handmade Coco Luscious vanilla coconut ice-cream topped with Karma Cola is a guilt-free summer treat.

Method: take a big glass, add the ice-cream and pour the Karma Cola over the top. Grab a spoon and a straw and get stuck in.

Long Island Ice Tea

Howler occupies an old wool shed in Brunswick, Melbourne that's also a bar and performance space. Howler's mixologist Chris remixed this classic American top shelf cocktail with our African inspired cola to go with their Asian street food.

Method: take two tall glasses and add the fruit wedges to the first one. Beat them in to the bottom of the glass then add all the booze. Add ice, shake, then fill the second glass with ice and pour your tea over the top. Top up with Karma Cola and drink.

Karma Libre

We're lucky enough to work with some very special people, none more special than the Special Group who've helped us design the Karma Cola bottle. They sent us a cocktail recipe last Christmas for a drink called Karma Libre. But this cocktail's not just for Christmas, we make them all summer long.

Method: take a highball glass, add lots of ice. Add the rum, triple sec and lime juice then top off with Karma Cola. Garnish with a lime and the mandatory cocktail umbrella, and enjoy.
Good. To Go.

Good. To Go.

It’s about time we stopped playing hard to get. Now you can take the best-looking drinks in town home.

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Mami Wata for Christmas

Mami Wata for Christmas

The art of Karma Cola was inspired by an African angel, Mami Wata. We made you one to remind you of the good you've done by supporting the Karma Cola Foundation.  1000 £ Bend Karma Pounder

1000 £ Bend Karma Pounder

We've partnered with 1000 £ Bend to spread good karma around Melbourne. 


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