Longrain's Ramblin' Bramble

Our friends at the Longrain Bunker Bar in Sydney have put a couple of special cocktails on their menu which use our All Good & Sparkling drinks. This one includes Blackcurrant as a fruity, sparkling addition to gin and fruit. It's practically one of your 5 a day!

Fill a tumbler with ice, add the gin and squeeze of lemon. Top with the sparkling Blackcurrant, berries and lemon wedge. Easy!
Good. To Go.

Good. To Go.

It’s about time we stopped playing hard to get. Now you can take the best-looking drinks in town home.

Mami Wata for Christmas

Mami Wata for Christmas

The art of Karma Cola was inspired by an African angel, Mami Wata. We made you one to remind you of the good you've done by supporting the Karma Cola Foundation.  Buy The Lady A Drink

Buy The Lady A Drink

The Karma Cola Foundation does many things to support cola farmers and their families in Sierra Leone. One of those things is putting 60 girls through school.

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up and dancing

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up...

Late last year, Karma Cola creators Simon and Matt travelled to Sierra Leone to meet the people of Boma who grow our cola nut, they didn’t quite know what to expect


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